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About Sanjeev Jimmy Dance Academy

Sanjeev jimmy Dance Academy brings to you an amazing environment where dancers are truly learning the art of dance…either you are kid,teenager or adult all are having tons of fun while they become the best! Every student gets individual attention and training with custom class schedules created by experienced instructors. As it should be at a professional dance studio ANYONE can come to sanjeev jimmy dance academy and learn to dance. Classes are for all ages and levels.

Sanjeev Jimmy Dance Academy is the place to come to no matter how young or old, experienced or not, we will keep you dancing and learning! Guaranteed! Located in Moga PUNJAB , we are experts in teaching Salsa, Hip-hop, Bollywood, Contemporary (Indian & Western), Jazz and ballroom dances. We conduct aerobic and fitness sessions as well. Dance-classes for all age-groups are organized with trained instructors.
Calling all who have zeal to learn new dance forms and be fit and energetic, Sanjeev jimmy Dance Academy is the right place for you!


Our Happy Clients

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An Overview of Various types of Dance Courses we host

Sanjeev Jimmy Dance Academy offers a wide variety of dance courses. Whether your goal is to pursue dance seriously, get some exercise, or just have fun – we have just the right courses to tailor to your needs. Learn today’s hottest and most popular world dance style! Unleash your inner Bollywood by “GETTING YOUR GROOVE ON” with the latest in popular dances from India’s film industry! Embody your favorite actor or actress and become the center of attraction at parties!
  • Rythematic Aerobics including Dance Aerobics, Floor Workouts, Steppers, Body Pumps etc.
  • Salsa and Social Couple Dance including Basic Dance Steps, Music Sense, Leads, Lifts and Dips etc.
  • Freestyle Bollywood including Basic Steps, Speed, Facial Expressions, Usage of Props and Masks etc.
  • Semi Classical Dance including Facial Expressions, Mudra, Thaap, Regonizing Music etc.
  • Hip – Hop including Steps, Recognizing music, Counts and following the rhythm, Floor Works etc.
  • Contemporary & Modern Dance has Indian contemporary including floor work, Basic of jazz contemporary etc.
  • Locking & Popping including Basic Footwork, Floor work sequence, Basic of Break Dancing, Stunts etc.
  • Breaking/B-boying including Toprock, Downrock (or “floorwork”), Power Moves, Freezes, Power vs Style etc.