logoSmallIt all started with a small setup at small town Moga at home in 1999, just with a one person and then went on to become a group of some and today, it stands an ‘Academy’ for a lot more than we could have accounted or even hoped for….

Sanjeev jimmy Dance Academy was started with a small setup and a few students in Moga Punjab. The inspiration to start the academy came from a realization that dance offered an excellent conduit to introduce students from the new world to the joy of dance. During the initial years, our coursework was limited to Indian and Bollywood Dances. However, in late 2011, we began our journey into the next phase by opening a professional studio facility in punjab. As the excitement of dance grew, more classes were introduced: Jazz, Hip-hop, Contemporary,Ballroom,Indian folk Dances, classical dances to cover the origins of Indian dance and fun sessions to keep the adults young.
With everything going to the tunes of Sanjeev jimmy Dance Academy, the responsibility increased to the effect that we worked hard, using this platform, to bring more variety and techniques for people to discover the rhythm within. Now well into our current year, we are still pursuing our passion for social dancing with equal, if not more vigour, and building up our USP of teaching a variety of Dance Styles. We have further expanded our repertoire to include Fusion, Contemporary (Indian & Western), Aerobics, Fitness Workshops as well as Weight Loss programs.
Sanjeev Jimmy Dance Academy has rapidly become one of the most popular dance academy covering North India and have workshops at India,Germany,England,Slovenia,Austria.
Dancing is a form of living but the task which we wanted to accomplish was to spread the joy of that same energy across and around. Doing steps to the music is like walking in different directions but when we say “We Dream With Our Feet ” that’s how we define dance at Sanjeev Jimmy Dance Academy.
This is not all where we can conclude this journey of sanjeev jimmy dance academy, as this is casing along with its members. As far as we see this passage is for all those who believe in “The best way to pay for a lovely moment is to enjoy it… ”
And yet, looking back over the years, time seemed to have passed in a flash. To give full credit where it’s due, it’s been all those people we’ve been with, through this entire journey…and it makes us smile…

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