Sanjeev Jimmy Dance Academy offers a wide variety of dance courses. Whether your goal is to pursue dance seriously, get some exercise, or just have fun – we have just the right courses to tailor to your needs!
  • Jazz
  • Hip-Hop
  • Salsa
  • Zumba
  • Bollywood – Learn today’s hottest and most popular world dance style! Unleash your inner Bollywood by “GETTING YOUR GROOVE ON” with the latest in popular dances from India’s film industry! Embody your favorite actor or actress and become the center of attraction at parties!
  • Aerobics – Sweat-off those extra calories while dancing on your favorite Bollywood songs. This is a much sought after stress-busting fitness class for everyone!
  • Private Classes – Learn a dance number for a special occasion in just two to three days – customized to suit your needs! Impress the audience at weddings, anniversaries and parties!
For serious wannabe dancers out there, we also have a full fledged course to meet your needs. The course has three levels:

Level 1 – Beginners
Level 2 – Improvers
Level 3 – Advanced

Rhythmic Moves : This will be conducted every day with changes in body moves, for 15 minutes and is basically flow, movement, procedure, etc. characterized by basically regular recurrence of features, as beat, in alternation with opposite or different elements or features: the rhythm of speech, expression, dancing, the heartbeat, etc.
Beats Counting: This will also be conducted every day for 15minutes with variations. Most of the drum beats in modern music (hip hop, house, funk, electronica) come in a 4 by 4 pattern. That is, each loop has four steps marked by two bass drum hits and two snare hits: boom clat, boom clat and so on… we help you in following these beats which will in turn help you to dance.
Coordination between the limbs and the variations: Almost all of your brain is going to play some sort of role in dance. Dance is an extremely complex behavior, and requires a lot of coordination between different neural systems to produce. We help you tackle this.

Fitness Exercises: Dance can mean a lot more than just showcasing cultural nuances. The different movements and steps bring about so much energy usage that dancing becomes a beneficial exercise that keeps you fit. It works out the muscles that we do not even know exist. Dancing is very different from walking on the tread mill or jogging. For example, ballroom dancing works out the lower back, thighs and buttocks, in a very different way, from other exercises. So if you have been wondering how you would lose those extra pounds and get your cellulite-heavy thighs in shape again, then the answer is dancing.

Sequence Blocks with different tempos: It’s a bunch of pre-specified moves and turns that you have to perform in a certain order in order to pass the freestyle level. As you get better, the dance step gets harder, and you learn more turns. The goal of the dance step sequence is to help you gain more control over your edges.

Dance Workouts: This will include Salsa, Bhangra, Samba, Waltz, and Jazz Etc. We will concentrate on your postures, clothing, moods Etc.

Dance Styles
Stage performances( by experts)
Camera(by experts)
Set Designing( by experts)
Costumes/makeup ( by experts)
Music ( audio/video) editing